Beauty is a drip away

Chasing a healthy glow? Then the IV Lounge is the right place for you. Not only can you replenish and provide your body with much-needed vitamins and minerals to keep you protected this winter – you can also enhance your skin and overall look with the combination of drips the IV Lounge has to offer. 

IV Lounge also offers express drips – perfect for those on the run. 

Start investing in your health and beauty – because both come from within. Stop spending thousands of rands on medication and contact us today for the perfect combination to suit your needs.

We offer express drips that our on-site doctor compiled and they are ideal when you don’t have a lot of time. 

Choose from:

  • Express Jet Fuel Energy Booster

A quick boost of energy. A mixture of B Vitamins, Zinc and Vitamin C to provide your body with the energy it needs to help fight fatigue and boost your immune system.

  • Express Skin Brightening

Hollywood’s favourite beauty treatment. Improves complexion and enhances a natural glowing skin. Improves acne and pigmentation. Opt for the express drip if you are in need of a quick fix.

  • Express Immune Booster

Guard against VIRAL, bacterial, and parasitic infections by supporting and boosting your immune system. Beats colds and flu faster.


The next big thing in beauty? Glowing skin. Your skin reflects what is happening in your body and the IV drip’s concentrated ingredients is perfect to detox your body. Embrace the future of beauty while enjoying a relaxing session at the IV Lounge with the Bright Skin solution. Results can often be seen within 24 hours and you will boost your confidence with a healthy, glowing appearance.


NAD+ exists in our bodies and help us to be healthy and happy. It is also an anti-ageing wonder and improves conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic stress, chronic fatigue and Alzheimer’s. It also provides symptom relief for high blood pressure, Parkinson’s Disease, cancer and immunity challenges. Some of the beauty benefits include anti-ageing, cell regeneration and weight loss. Be more focused while looking your best!