What you need to know about our IV drips

The IV Lounge Dainfern  offers vitamin-rich, medically-approved IV drips designed to boost and rejuvenate your body. From effective hangover recovery and weight loss solutions, to replacing the nutrients and hydration you need to tackle the strains of your hectic daily life. In order to administer our wide array of treatments but which is the best […]


Winter is here and it is no secret that with the increased number of infections, we are all potential victims of Covid-19. We believe that you should keep your immune system strong and our IV Drips can assist in replenishing all the nutrients and vitamins your body need. We also now offer a drip perfect […]

Is your immune system strong enough for winter?

Celebrities and influencers are turning to IV drips to keep them glowing, going and healthy. If you want to armour yourself against the upcoming winter and associated flu during this period, the IV Lounge is just the place for you. It might now be the time to start healing your body from all the stress […]