Customised IV drips that will change your life

At the IV Lounge we want you to relax while we take care of your health to ensure you have that extra boost you need. 

We offer vitamin-rich, medically-approved intravenous therapy through drips designed to boost and rejuvenate you! With our customised drips, we are now also able to offer you exactly what your body needs. 

From weight loss solutions to look your best, immune boosters to keep you armored against Covid-19 to Skin Brightening and a Brain Booster – this is now all within your reach while you can relax and catch-up with your favourite series or clean your Inbox. 

IV Therapy consists of a variety of nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic fluid treatments that is applied into the human body through a drip. With this method, the body absorbs 100% of the ingredients.

With this in mind, you need to ask yourself the question of why you would want to neglect your body any further. With the IV Lounge you can save on spending hundreds of rands on various vitamin pills and just enjoy the advantage of having it all at once.

At the IV Lounge, we have an on-site, trained doctor that can customize your own drip to fulfill all your health needs. Discuss your needs with us and we will assist you to become the best version of yourself.For more information, click here.

One of the most popular drips on the menus is also available in a mini format. This provides a quick boost of energy. With a mixture of Vitamin B, Zinc and Vitamin C it provides your body the energy it needs to help fight fatigue and boost your immune system. For more information, click here.

Why not give your loved one a gift no one can place a price tag on? A gift voucher from IV Lounge will not only show them you care about their well-being but also give them the time to relax. 

Contact us to book your gift card here.