Why Drip?

Sickness, disease, poor diet, poor sleep, stress, not exercising our bodies are deprived of good nutrition. iV therapy can help combat some of the effects that these problems have on our bodies. Some symptoms that these problems cause are: depression and anxiety; problems with digestion; dermatological conditions; obesity or sudden weight gain; and chronic fatigue. iV therapy along with healthy diet, exercise or physical activity, decreasing stress or finding techniques to manage stress can be a valuable regimen to help you: RESTORE your energy REPLENISH your health REVITALIZE your body giving you the ability to: Feeling mentally sharper & clear headed; ability to perform daily tasks with greater precision; improve overall mood and levels of vitality; improve productivity throughout the day; enhanced energy for exercise and hobbies; more relaxed feeling of control and stability; stronger, more robust immune system minimizing the possibility of illness