Why IV Lounge IV’s?

YOU are Worth it!!! We tailor each iV for specific hydration purposes to support the ability of your body to be able to Restore, Replenish and Revitalize.

The IV Lounge is an iV your way and hassle free, meaning no need to see a doctor prior to having your infusion of iV nutrients, minerals and/or amino acids. Here at The IV Lounge we offer an array of unique iV drips administered by our staff to Replenish your body of depleted nutrients.

Our get in the zone @ The IV Lounge is just the place you want to be to receive therapeutic iV treatment for: Dehydration, hangovers, low energy, fatigue, athletic recovery, overall wellness, anti-aging and weight loss.

IV therapy is: fast delivery, 100% absorbed, helps to promote wellness, restore vitamin and mineral levels, rehydrate and restore energy, enhance better sleep, detoxify. Leaving here you will feel a sense of well-being.